Top 5 Mistakes When Starting Out with Facebook Ads

At the very beginning, setting up advertising campaigns on Facebook might feel like a nightmare. We have all been there. Thanks to years of experience, planning and testing, we have managed to sum up the TOP 5 mistakes when starting out with Facebook Ads.

Ignorance of advertising policies

The first and most important step before we start designing creatives and writing copies is to check the advertising policies in our business field. If we do not, we risk creating a bad history on our account with too many rejected ads.

Start with assumptions about expected results

Facebook allows us to easily and quickly explore market conditions in a real-world environment, so it's completely wrong to have preconceived expectations instead of basing them on real data. When running ads for a product/business that does not have a presence on Facebook, it is always a good idea to test as broad as possible and with an automatic bid (Highest volume/Lowest cost), which will help us get an idea of CPM and CPA to a given target audience.

Lack of a ‘test and learn’ plan and jumping to conclusions too quickly

No marketer is able to predict what type of setup, creatives and copywriting will work best. Picking the right mix between the key elements in a campaign happens precisely by adequately testing each element while using the classic scientific approach and changing just one variable for each test. This process usually requires a budget for which advertisers should be prepared. Usually when launching with a new pixel and a new product, the initial results are not encouraging. That does not mean we should quickly decide that a creative concept, setup, copywriting or product is not working. We need to give Facebook enough time and resources to hunt down the right distribution for our ads and only draw conclusions when they have reached a serious number of people that allows for statistical analysis.

Wrong Аd target

Traditional business logic suggests that we try to get maximum benefit with minimum investment. Often people try to generate sales with Objective, which implies targeting leads from earlier in the consumer funnel. Trying to deceive Facebook about your campaign objectives is a huge mistake. If we want to generate sales it is pointless to use Objectives like Reach or Traffic and we should bet directly on Conversions, where the algorithm is capable of optimizing our campaigns for the actions that we actually expect from them.

Lack of properly set up pixel and server to server integration 

Digital advertising is based on accumulating data. In order to get adequate information and help the algorithm understand enough about our customers and optimize our campaigns, we need to set up the events on the user path correctly. In order to get data from iPhone/Apple users as well, it's good to set up server to server integration.


1FF Marketing Team