Do you think good content is not enough? That is absolutely right- Great content is the POWER today!

The choice is yours – to write an ordinary content and follow the easy path or to create something that stays in time and makes difference for your brand.

Creativity leads to successful brand positioning in the decision-making process in peoples’ mind.

What is the difference between interesting and great content?

To me, it depends on what you mean by interesting content – is it about catching your attention or it is about shares the content 1-2-3 times in different social media channels?

Frankly, I think the biggest problem people face today is that they want to write something interesting without making any effort and the least amount of time. They prefer to do it like “confection”. In fashion, confection means when you are manufacturing one item on 1K-2K оr 100К pieces in order to place it worldwide without making a difference. In fact, to gain more traffic and to boost your SEO, you are going to need something more than just good content with a nice title. At first, you need to invest more creativity without expecting an initial return. Sometimes it takes time. Very often you need to write hundreds of contents and the result can be zero. Don’t stop trying. Regardless of how well you’ve researched the market, you’re targeting, sometimes it just turns out that what you’ve written just does not work. But never quit.

I would like to give you some advice from my experience which can help you to approach new horizons into great content writing

First and foremost be original, real and honest

To me, original content is the great content. Building out the right conception may be hard at times, but with the right tools – your heart and knowledge, you will be impressed by how fast you can achieve your brand goals.

Create content that matters. Tell stories with your writings. Bind people with meaningful ads that will make them buy the product you offer.

Offer cool headlines to your audience

You know what a headliner means for a house music festival, right?

Тhis is the most famous and recognized DJ that the organizers have invited. And they know he sells, because of his name, background and most importantly, because of his fans. So, the headline is the beginning of а great content. Most people will read your headline, few will continue if it is not catchy enough. Therefore, offer them the best as a starter and let them enjoy the rest.

Who defines the content you write? You? Of course, not! It is defined by the people the content is written for- your brand community, your customers, your supporters. Do not forget this every time when you create something. It is not about your brand only, it is about people who make your brand popular and distinguishable.

Attach videos and photos. Make it live. People love stories with pictures. Let them see your initial idea.

Today the market is so community oriented that you have to remember one simple rule – You write for people. You write to engage as many people as you can because it is not about SEO anymore. It is much more than that. You have to learn how to use different techniques and at the same time not to forget that on the other side of the screen there are humans, who are scrolling, searching and observing. They control your target market. And when you did your job good, it pays off.