Offer your employees the freedom to be active outside the office, but within the organization


In a fast-paced growing global economy look at the big picture- provide to your employees the much-needed training. It doesn’t matter if they are postgraduate or returned workforce – all they going to need the right structure to fit into the organizations’ policy and value chain matrix.

The company should look on both sides – to hire alumni and to hire a returnee. Оffer them the chance to join the cultural experience within your work environment.

Hiring and training a new employee typically costs six to nine months of that person’s annual salary, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management. For highly trained positions, those costs can reach 200% of the employee’s salary, another study by the Center for American Progress found. “ / BCG, article Two Groups You Can’t Ignore (but Probably Do) in the War for Talent ; October 24, 2018 By Matt Krentz , Jennifer Garcia-Alonso , Frances Brooks Taplett , and Susie Grehl

Therefore, the company should have a deliberate approach to prevent the loss of human resources and of course, the loss of time and money. Because, when you are providing knowledge and training to newcomers, you put not only efforts to educate them, but money and time as well.

In the midst of the search process for the right candidate, allow new employees or workforce returnees to be familiar with the company’s needs and standards.

Moreover, let them stimulate and increase their activities outside the workplace but within the team. Make them feel comfortable within the organization, especially when they are new.  Our group should clearly understand what are the company goals and how we, as a whole, can achieve them! Make them feel important and involved- that’s the real deal.

• Let them tell their stories; share their ideas- there is the key to success

• Listen to how they think; how they grow

• Let them be part of your story!

Fit the culture – support the newcomers – top-down leaders engagement

If an employee decides to leave the organization to pursue other work adventures or just because of other non-work reasons, you should make him/her feel free to come back. Especially when the company’s leaders are satisfied with the employee’s overall job.

In the past, many companies have allowed themselves to ignore such type of attitude on the part of the employee. But now that everything is developing extremely fast and organizations are completely dependent on the community, there is one simple answer “ if you want to build a solid brand, first, build a solid community”!

Today every company fights for high skilled talents. Alumni or returnees, we need a highly-educated workforce. Furthermore, the organization cannot afford to overlook any potential employee. Company’s special departments which are in charge of hiring new talents should provide the tools and techniques to all the employees to leverage the skills they’ve got.

Celebrate wins, big and small, together

The way to motivate is simple- Be authentic! Today’s leaders should provide inspiration and encourage the process of perspiration. Show to your team that the great job is done when you are focused and you have done your homework. You will succeed when you love WHAT YOU DO and when you are happy doing it!