“Every consumer should feel honored” – 1ForFit regarding Influence Marketing


The influence of the digital markets has increased the impressions on the mobile and social networks and primarily has increased the awareness of the brands. Тhe digital аgе is a good opportunity to realize the potential of a particular brand in a new way.

Creating customer value by developing world-class personalized meal plans in a collaboration with one of the biggest celebrities in the industry of fitness and healthy lifestyle,  means to create a memorable experience by stimulating all the senses.

Particularly today, Instagram and Facebook have become very popular for celebrity influence campaigns regarding its innovative fast-delivering social approach. Social media capabilities have transferred the main tool to shape a specific relationship with fans and celebrities. The boundary in the communication between the Celebrity Influencer and the ordinary user no longer exists.

Buying your personalized meal plan, supported by one of the few proven professionals like Lazar Angelov, Jen Selter and Andreia Brazier is a moment of escape from the routine and is thus an emotional gratification of pleasure derived from the act of purchasing.

Why Influence marketing and 1ForFit walk hand in hand

Every brand has its story, here is ours. As a team who believes in its capacity to deliver to the market something innovative, we have created a product covered by an algorithm. This method calculates personal diet profiles and then generates personalized meal plans to all the people involved in this journey called- Healthy lifestyle. Well, living in the digital era and mostly, living in social media presence, we all know that Celebrity Influence Marketing has its impact on consumer’s behavior. Frankly, Celebrity Influence Marketing has a simultaneous influence on both our behavior and the decisions we take.

The market-driven approach is characterized by global competition through dynamic and functional equipoise. Intangible factors such as rapidly changing people’s demands and choices and globalization of the value chain have been utilized as a source of competitive advantage. Customized meal plans that our company has been developing since 2016 have adopted more effectively for the Influence Marketing flow to able to grow and develop.

Products with specific context like ours, advertised by celebrities who have a huge influence on Social media channels, must attribute increasing attention, strengthening of direct relations with end consumers, improving satisfaction, reinforcing the identification of the values and increasing the confidence.

Breaking people’s consciousness and make them believe in a particular product is much easier thanks to cooperation with celebrities and of course high-end product.